Monday, October 6, 2008

A Final Outdoor Push. . .Maybe.

Last weekend we spent four hours making our front drive look like this:

I only wish I had remembered to take a before picture. It used to have over grown, half dead rock rose and a mass amount of day lilies. I transplanted some of the day lilies. I wasn't in love with the idea that they spend half the summer growing in, then bloomed for a week or two, then spent another month dying out. I planted a clump of daffodils and a clump of. . .I forget. I guess I will be surprised it the spring. I think crocuses or something like that. ***Iwent and looked and they are Chionodoxa--mixed, so they will be various colors of purple, pink and white***

And we worked on the tree house during the week. Our whole day to work on the tree house somehow turned into less than two hours. I am still trying to figure that one out. I did start to paint it--yellow with white trim, but forgot to photograph the additional progress. It is supposed to be sunny this weekend so maybe, maybe, MAYBE, we will actually get it finished. Talk about a weekend project gone seriously awry. It's October for heaven's sake! Ah, well, it has a roof so they can play in it during the rainy months too, right?