Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Is Too Much Blue Too Much Blue?

So if you've been coming here a while you might have gotten that I love white and blue. I use them a lot in my house. I have blue depression glass dishes in my kitchen and a blue rug in my family room. My bedroom is a gray blue with white and navy blue bedding. My laundry room is the same blue gray. And, of course, I am just finishing Hannah's room which is pale turquoise blue and white.

I now need to finish up Signe's Room.

It has all the bedding I made when she was two with the furniture that she has had since birth--except the beds, which we made when she was two (notice the "H" and "S" on the headboards)--back when the girls shared a room in the last house.

Now she has both beds in her tiny room.

Which works great, because half the time both girls either sleep in the two twin beds in Signe's room . . . or they both sleep in Hannah's full bed in her room.

Now I just need to paint Sig's room and make curtains and hang things. Now the color is beige. . .kind of an orange toned beige. It's fine. It's not really working for me.

In her last room the walls were wainscoted and had a light taupey green on the bottom and a yellowy cream on the top. I loved it.

I think I want to go a different direction here.

I am thinking the same light turquoise that I used in Hannah's room. (See previous post)

I am not pulling this out of nowhere. That exact blue is in her bedding. . . (it's there--I promise!)

Plus I recently bought these cute 8 X 10 alphabet cards with flowers on them and want to hang four above each bed--framed in white frames.

Some of these have blues in them too.

And those curtains--the ones that came with the house--will likely go.

I actually have fabric that matches the little pinkish plaid pillow on the bed and was thinking I would do a pleated roman shade--you know the kind that sort of poofs a little when pulled up because of the extra fabric in the pleat?

What do you think? Can I pull off the blue? If you hate it, help me out and suggest something else.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It all Comes Down to Black or White

So, I have been working on Hannah's Room for a few weeks now, and it's nearly complete. . .

But while I show you around her little room. . .

I would like to get your opinion on a little matter. . .

. . . of black versus white.

I believe that a little black accent goes a long way in creating contrast--just look at my kitchen!

But my plan for this room was light and airy, crisp and white, warm and cream. . .with a hint of turquoise.

And I think I have succeeded for the most part.

But I still have some left over remnants of her previous decor, which was all red white and black (too bad I didn't take any before pictures of her room before we stripped it bare).

Note the pillow on the bed, the curtain rod, the nightstand, the lamp, the picture frames.

Also, the new dresser has antiqued silver knobs that sort of come across black.

Does it distract? Should I paint the rod, table etc? Or keep the little accents of black?

Either way, I am in love with this room. . . and that bed (which she practically needs a step stool to get into) is divinely comfortable.

You should have seen her all snuggled up in there last night in her light and airy white night gown. . .

I still need ideas for what to put above the bed and what to put on the shelves (that was me throwing things up there to get them off the dresser--not actually me arranging anything).

What do you think?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's A Boy!. . .and A Girl!

So my sister finally had her first baby after YEARS of trying to get pregnant. . . and he arrived in time to come to his own shower. My mom and I put the shower together and I wanted it to be something special.She named him Gideon and I just happened to find a book about a caterpillar named Gideon to base the shower around. I also had the guests sign the book at the shower with notes to Dawnette. Someone did that for me when I had my first daughter and I loved it.

I took inspiration from the book to make the invitations.

We sort of shared the shower with Dawnette's step daughter who is also expecting and was due a few weeks after Dawnette. She was having a girl (Nevaeh - she had her Wednesday, August 19), so I found a book with butterflies (to keep with the theme) and did a girly butterfly counterpart to all the Gideon caterpillar stuff.

I made banners for each of the babies:

And I made a cupcake tower with cupcake flags for each baby:

But the piece de resistance was the cake pops:

I made little caterpillars out of fondant to grace the blue cake pops:

. . . and candy melt butterflies to adorn the yellow cake pops:

And once they were assembled-- with a few little flowers to dress them up:

They were so darn cute you almost didn't want to eat them:

Most people actually took theirs home covered in little plastic bags and tied with ribbon:

And when everyone was gone I took what was left of the goods and assembled a few upside down cake pops just for fun:

. . . and then I took a bagillion pictures of my adorable nephew:

Almost as many pictures as I took of the cake pops!

Welcome Home Gideon & Nevaeh!