Monday, February 22, 2010

Moon Garden

I'm dreaming of spring.  In my dream there are lots of flowers. . . white flowers.  I love white--white dishes, white decor, white tipped toe nails, white clothes, white sheets, and white flowers.

I have an area of dirt on the side of my house that is screaming for attention.  I have ignored it for the past two years because I had it in the back of my mind that we were going to put an addition there.  Maybe, maybe not.  Not soon by any means.  So I am making a plan.  A plan for a moon garden.

I did not know that is what all white gardens were called until I started googling white flowers.  I have a few in mind:  Hydrangeas, ranunculus, peonies, sweet woodruff, lily of the valley, delphinium, camellias, crocuses. . . all in white.  Great profusions of white.  I want enough that I can cut some and fill my house with white flowers in white pitchers.

And in my side garden I want a white picket fence with a little white gate that beckons to the back yard.

Doesn't that sound lovely.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bathroom Sneak Peak

Did your mother ever tell you "Slow and steady wins the race."?  I like to think it's true.

It gives me an excuse for the dreadfully long time each of my projects takes.

Take my master bath for instance. . .

I have been painting my room and bathroom (I believe I first bought paint last November).  It's still not done.  I ran out of paint. . . twice.  I clearly don't plan well.  Actually, I ended up painting the laundry room and powder bath the same color so I needed more paint than I thought.  But somehow the master bath ended up getting painted last, so I still need to finish up the main area of the bathroom--just as soon as I get a couple unclaimed hours (and another bucket of paint). . . whenever that might be.

But since the little toilet and shower room got finished I decided to update it a little.  (Rob's ADD is rubbing off on me).   Ultimately the whole room will get remodeled (new tub, shower, vanity, lights and mirrors, and tile floor), but in the meantime I did an inexpensive little touch up. Because it makes the morning more fun.

We put up new hardware.

And one of those hotel towel racks I love.

And I printed some flower pictures I took last spring.

And put them in silver frames.

One day the whole room will be as fresh as those flowers.

For now I will just close the pocket door and pretend it already is. . .