Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bathroom Sneak Peak

Did your mother ever tell you "Slow and steady wins the race."?  I like to think it's true.

It gives me an excuse for the dreadfully long time each of my projects takes.

Take my master bath for instance. . .

I have been painting my room and bathroom (I believe I first bought paint last November).  It's still not done.  I ran out of paint. . . twice.  I clearly don't plan well.  Actually, I ended up painting the laundry room and powder bath the same color so I needed more paint than I thought.  But somehow the master bath ended up getting painted last, so I still need to finish up the main area of the bathroom--just as soon as I get a couple unclaimed hours (and another bucket of paint). . . whenever that might be.

But since the little toilet and shower room got finished I decided to update it a little.  (Rob's ADD is rubbing off on me).   Ultimately the whole room will get remodeled (new tub, shower, vanity, lights and mirrors, and tile floor), but in the meantime I did an inexpensive little touch up. Because it makes the morning more fun.

We put up new hardware.

And one of those hotel towel racks I love.

And I printed some flower pictures I took last spring.

And put them in silver frames.

One day the whole room will be as fresh as those flowers.

For now I will just close the pocket door and pretend it already is. . .

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