Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Place to Play

My girls are lucky enough to get a whole room just for playing in.  And over time it has become quite filled with toys.  When it is clean all the toys fit nicely into three tubs, the barbie house, and stow away in the dress up chest. . . but they usually aren't stowed away.

They usually seem to multiply like rabbits and mysteriously clutter up the place.  How do you suppose that happens? No one is ever willing to fess up.

 I need a better system.

One that includes a shelf for all their books. . .

Too many toys go "hiding" in the house when it's time to pick up.

And the dress up chest wears as much fancy finery as it stores.

Maybe the barbies are doing it. . . all 36 of them.

Certainly not these two. They don't seem to notice the mess and chaos. They get really excited to play in the room when it is clean, but they certainly don't like to clean it.  I don't really blame them.  Things need a place to go.

Letting go is a bit of an issue. . . For Christmas Santa brought Signe a new barbie house--one more compact, that would sit against a wall and take up less space. . .

Apparently as parents we were thinking crazy to suggest they part with the old house.  I mean really, where did we expect the 36 barbies to live?  They need BOTH houses, of course! Nevermind the dilapidated state of the old one.

It doesn't help when we throw a never used weight set into the mix (you want a weight set? It is on the ax list.  Maybe I can sell it to help fund the "fix up the playroom" project.)

'Cause all this stuff has got to go somewhere, and I prefer it not all over the floor. . .

And it is quite clear the oh-so-attractive bin system isn't working out all that great.

I definitely need a plan. . . or less toys.  And I am open for suggestions. . .

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