Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our 12 Minutes of Fame. . .

While I am finishing up some projects to post about I thought I would share one MAJOR project that consumed the end of my summer and most of fall last year.  I was called to be the Roadshow Director for our ward at church.  The youth were participating in a stake competition (10 wards).  I had to gather a committee and write a script, then cast and direct a 12 minute roadshow (which included a 3 minute olio that a couple of the youth wrote) with three musical numbers (which my lyric writer did a great job with)--and try to incorporate as many youth as humanly possible.

I started undaunted. . . mostly because I hadn't a CLUE what I had gotten roped into!  But luckily I managed to get a group of talented people on my committee and around 40 willing and able youth.

In the end I ended up making most of the backdrops (with a little help) by sewing them completely out of scraps in my fabric bin onto what was essentially four large pillow cases that slipped over PVC frames.

Without further ado, here is the script ( I will post the actual youtube video of the performance at the end should you choose to view it.).  This will make for a very long post. . . sorry.

BYU: Set Crew carry backdrops on stage--place side by side with common room facing out. Place chairs.  Stationary mics on forward stage right and forward stage left.  Drucella, Anastasia and Ella lounge in dorm common room along with other girls--studying, reading, gossiping etc.

Set Crew: Carry sign across stage : “BYU Dorm”

Dorm Mother enters stage left with messenger (stands near stationary mic): Ladies! Listen up everyone, and invitation has just come.

Messenger(Taking dorm mother’s place at mic (Spotlight)):
Hear ye, hear ye, one and all
We hereby invite you to a fairy tale ball
Dust off your slippers, find a gown
Get ready to dance, party and get down.
Arrive at seven Saturday, don’t be late
This may be the dance where you find your mate!

Girls Cheer and act excited as messenger exits stage right. Dorm mother remains on stage but stays left.

Girl #1 By stage right mic (Spotlight): Oh, a dance!
Girl #2: Here’s my chance!
Girl #3: For a little romance!
All Girls: We must enhance!

Tech Crew - Cue the music

Song # 1 - “Part of your world” (girls) with interjected shouts from non-speaking girl actors  -  Band down in front of stage left.

Look at this stuff
isn’t it neat
Wouldn’t you think my collections complete?
Except right now I’m the girl
The girl with no date tonight!
Why can’t I be
Chosen you see
By an RM who would want only me. (interject - ONLY ME!)
Looking around here you’d think
Sure, she’s got everything.
I’ve got texting and twitter and facebook
My clothes are the most fashionable look
You want the hottest footwear?
I’m right there (interject - I’M RIGHT THERE!)
But who cares
No big deal
I want more
I wanna be where the boys are
I wanna see, wanna see the one for me dancing (interject - THE ONE FOR ME!)
Taking his picture with my new---what do you call it--? (Trio, blackberry, etc. [all girls say what they have])
Forward his picture to all our best firends
This is required to prove tuition’s not wasted!
We’ll find the guy, we’ll find the one
We’ll find the one who will choose not to run
Looking for love, finding the one
Starts with this ball.  (interject - THIS BALL!)

Dorm Mother still stage left (Spotlight):
    Silence! Anyone who wishes to attend the dance
    Must follow the rules--no second chance!
    An example thou must be, in word and charity
    No improper conversation, if you want an invitation.
    No breach of faith, no impure acts, No admittance
    where spirit lacks.

Dorm mother exits stage left.  All girls except Drucella and Anastasia cluster together and whisper about dance at center back. Dru and Ana front stage right (by stationary mic -- spotlight)

Drucella:  A fairy tale  ball, how divine. . .
Anastasia:    Just hush and listen, we haven’t much time!
        We need to make the others sin, to keep them from getting in.
        We’ll be the only girls at the dance, against us those boys won’t stand a chance.
Drucella:   I know just the boys to do the trick, And just the girls I am going to pick
Anastasia: Start with Ella, she’s far too prim.
Drucella: I have a boy in mind, let’s go tell him!

Girls exit - stage left.

Stage Crew:  Turn panels sideways -- remove chairs

Song #2: Boys enter stage left & sing “Kiss the girl”
Band down stage left
Nice to the girl 
Yes, a girl’s nice
But what can we really do
It’s possible they want us, too
There is one way to ask her
It just takes a word
Just a pleasant word
That’s how we get the girl 
Sing with me
Don’t be scared
With just a pleasant word
Just try and talk to her
Don’t stop now
It’s time to take a chance
We’re goin’ to the dance.  
Don’t be scared
With just a pleasant word
Just try and talk to the girl
Don’t stop now
It’s time to take a chance
We’re goin’ to the dance.  
Exit stage left.

Stage Crew:  Turn panels to dorm room side - - return chairs to Belle’s panel, pail and mop to Ella’s panel. Bird on stick behind Snow’s window. Roll Yellow brick road across stage.  Move stationary mics back out of view (if we have directional mic, point at each girl as she speaks, if not put clip mic on Ella)

  Yellow brick road across stage with Dorm rooms and dorm room windows along the way for each of the seven girls (Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Repunzel, Ariel, Snow White, Aurora) Girls get in place near their panel and freeze -- spotlight follows each girl as she interacts with boys -- and follows the girls as they turn from on dorm to another

(Ella--panel most stage right--: mopping and breaks a nail--approached by Dud #1 from stage left)

Ella: Snap! I broke a nail, on this DARN washing pail!
Dud#1: You’d feel better if you swore, such tame language is a bore!
Ella: It takes less skill to swear than parry, with a large vocabulary.

(Dud#1 leaves stage left and Ella turns to next dorm where Aurora is sewing a dress for the ball--Dud #2 approaches)
Dud#2:  Is that your dress? It covers chin to shin!  You’d get more attention if you showed more skin!
Aurora: Respect and admiration is gained by being modest.  And everybody knows that modest is hottest!

(Dud #2 leaves stage left and Aurora joins Ella--they turn to Snow white, who is  feeding the birds from her window -- she is approached by Dud #3 and his posse from stage left.  They approach single file and bump into each other, then cluster together.)

Posse Member #1: I heard it from Rob. . .
Posse Member #2: who heard it from Andy. . .
Posse Member #3: that Jessica’s brother. . .
Posse Member #4: is cheating on Brandy!
Posse Member #5: Ask Snow what she knows. . .
Posse Member #6: . . .what dirt she’ll disclose!

Dud#3 to Snow White: Have you heard what they’re saying, tell us quick, no delaying!

Snow White: I would not gossip if I were you, or soon your friends will bid you adieu.

Dud#3 and Posse leave stage left.  Snow White joins Ella and Aurora.  They turn to Jasmine--being approached by Dud #4 from stage left.)

Dud #4:  Hey Jasmine, let’s go see a movie. I’ve got tickets for the one where the kid is in juvie.
Jasmine: You know I won’t watch an R rated show,  So if that is your choice, the answer is no.

(Dud #4 leaves stage left.  Jasmine joins others.  Turn to Ariel--being approached by Dud #5 from stage left.)

Dud #5:   Let’s go for a drive and get out of the traffic.  I know a great spot that is very romantic.
Ariel: You know what I say to a foreword boyfriend? “My body’s a temple and you don’t have a recommend.”

(Dud #5 leaves stage left and Ariel joins the rest.  They turn to Rapunzel up in her dorm window --who is being approached by Dud #6 from stage left. He kneels to look up as though at a distance.)

Dud #6:         Rapunzel come down, we’re missing the party!
Repunzel: It’s nearly past curfew.  If I go I’ll be tardy!
Dud #6:         Just tell your dorm mother you’re sleeping at Johnna’s .
Repunzel: Please go on without me, I won’t be dishonest.

(Dud #6 leaves stage left and Rapunzel joins the others who turn to Belle (who’s reading a book with a boy) -- being approached by Dud # 7 from stage left)
Dud #7: Hey loser, take a hike, toddle off down the lane.
Belle needs a man who is much more urbane.
Belle: This boy is no loser, this boy is my friend,
If forced to chose, I pick him to defend.

Dud # 7 leaves stage left, Belle joins the others. Group hug/huddle, maybe give an excited squeal -- Girls exit stage right.

Stage Crew:  Turn panels sideways - Remove pail and chairs

Girls and Guys grab getting ready props.  All cast enters stage -- boys enter stage left, girls stage right and --

Cue the music:
Song # 3 - “trash in the camp” danced while getting ready for ball
Band still in front of stage left -- Cue Spot light near end (last ten seconds)
all leave stage -- girls stage right and boys stage left.

Stage Crew: Turn panels to common room backdrop for the ball.  Put mics back in stage front right and left positions.

Cue Music (Down low):
Song #4: Chris Brown “Forever” starts playing down low 

Drucella and Anastasia hold court stage left  behind mic surrounded by boys. . .doing a choreographed group dance around the two girls. . .

Drucella: Our plan was inspired.  Just look how we’re admired!
Anastasia: The others didn’t stand a chance. Now we get to rule the dance!

More dancing . . . Ella and girls arrive stage right and Dru and Ana see them, stop mid dance, stumbling involved by all boys, one girl bumps into other and shrieks:

Ana: Who let them in? We made sure they would sin!

Large collective gasp.

Dorm mother step in from stage left : Is this true, Dru?  Is this something you knew?
Dru:                  We didn’t MAKE them, you see, they still have their agency!
Dorm Mother to Ella and girls: And did you choose wrong, or were you all strong?
Ella:                 We do have a choice, But hear you my voice:
All Girls:(to Dru and Ana):         We can but we won’t, ‘cause we know what you don’t!

Dorm Mother (to Ana and Dru): Return to your dorm.  Your punishment I must form!

Dru and Ana stomp off in a tizzy.  Dorm mother steps back.  Boys turn to girls.  Ella walks forward a few paces to center stage--loses her shoe--boy rushes to replace it for her.

Guy#1:    May I have this dance,  You had me at a glance.
Ella: It would be a delight. . .just get me home by midnight!

Cue Music (up loud):

Song and dance - Chris Brown “Forever” sound goes up

Guys pair up with girls

Cue Spotlights - flashing around, like a night club.  

Couples dance down off stage and exit through audience followed by cast and crew with all props and then the backdrops. Followed by the band.  Followed by the bishop sweeping up after them.  

Curtain closes.

I have to admit that an hour before the show I was convinced it was going to be a train wreck!  But despite having the simplest costumes and hardly any props beyond the backdrops, we won 3rd place! And I was told that had we been judged on this recorded performance rather than the first one (we performed at two buildings the same night) we would have at least gotten second.  The first place winners were pretty great, but they DID go over the time allotment, which we had been ensured would disqualify us, soooo, perhaps we should have gotten FIRST. . . but I have to say I was more than thrilled it went off without a hitch and placing third was just fine by me (and frankly better than I thought we'd do--not from lack of a great cast, however).

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