Thursday, February 26, 2009

Backsplash Tile Anyone?

So my plan has been to use white subway tile for my backsplash.  I found these pretty hand made tiles that are slightly irregular in a dozen shades of white and other colors.  Sooo, I went to pick up samples to find the perfect white. . . and came home with a gorgeous watery gray blue tile.  I got the white too.  I love the blue, but wonder if it will be practical.  I sort of wanted my blue depression glass to feature in the cabinets and wonder if they will compete with the tile. . . or if the tile will compete with the soapstone.  
I have a sample of the soapstone, though this piece has a little more green in it than my slabs do.  

Here are the top two white choices against the soapstone sample and cabinet color (antique white):

Ice Block White

I like the slight crackle in this one--you probably can't see it in this picture. But it has a hint of yellow or peach to it.

Cotton White

I think this white matches better than the Ice Block (close up below), but it has not crackle finish or anything fun, except the hand made irregularity--but does it need more?

And here his the blue:


Would you be brave and go blue. . . or should I resist diverging from the plan--and having another rug fiasco on my hands?

Blue. . . or White? (and which white?)

Kitchen Demolition: Day 2

Out with more cabinets.  My kitchen is spewing its contents into my living room.  It seems like I just got the furniture and office contents back where they go. . .

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kitchen Demolition: Day 1

Today we started demolition.  We only took one section of the cabinets out today.  We started with the oven wall because we are moving the oven to next to the refrigerator.  We will have to have an electrician over soon to move that line.  Plus we had to be careful taking out the cabinets because we are selling them.  Have I mentioned that we have been selling everything but kitchen sink on Craig's list to put money into our kitchen fund. . . do you suppose I COULD sell the kitchen sink?  After all I bought my new one on there!



Goodbye ugly red soffit!
(who builds soffits with 2X12 pine boards and plywood?!)
 The new cabinets will be going to the ceiling with crown to finish it off.

Goodbye ugly beige tile!!--with grout that never looks clean!

Look at all that open space.  I can't wait for the white replacements.
Tomorrow we take out the fridge wall!  

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Kitchen Vision

So this week we are actually starting the deconstruction of our kitchen and other details that need to be worked out prior to the cabinet install.  Here is an idea of what I am going for:

My Cabinets will be flush inlay, white, shaker style doors with period latch style hardware on the door and bin pulls on the drawers. . . kind of like these:

Toe kicks like the first picture.  My bar has two legs--one on each end that are just like these (only white):

A couple weeks ago I went and picked out my slabs of soapstone, camera in hand. . . and forgot to take a picture.  But this slab looks remarkably like mine. . . as far as I can remember!  It will go almost black when oiled, with light veining.  (I am going down next week to order tile and will try to get a picture of my actual slabs.)

The back splash tile is a hand made, glazed subway tile--"tusk" white.  Farmhouse sink like the first picture.  To see the actual sink, go here.

I am pondering planking my ceiling (like in the first picture)--would you?  I need opinions.  Rob is on the fence, I think I want it, what do you think? 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Treasures. . .

I decided a few years ago that I want original art in my home.  I have purchased a few pieces to go with all my photography--which I presume to call art and hang all over my house!  

My new purchase just arrived in the mail:

It is the second piece I have from this artist--Dave Robinson.  And I love it.  Even though I thought it would be more gray-blue originally and planned to put it in my family room, it looks good in my living room.  

What do you hang on your walls?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

And the Winner Is. . .

After much debate and two trips to the store, we settled on . . . the first rug I picked--and the rug that the four of you who had something to say voted for. 

We may be making progress slower than molasses, but we are making progress.  What do you think?

Just be glad I didn't let Rob convince me to get this one:

Okay, so he managed to convince me long enough to get it home (It was on sale and much cheaper) before I totally nixed that.  It only got to reside in my house for about 12 hours!  And according to my mother-in-law, it belonged on a hippie's backside anyway!

Now for new furniture. . .