Monday, February 23, 2009

Kitchen Demolition: Day 1

Today we started demolition.  We only took one section of the cabinets out today.  We started with the oven wall because we are moving the oven to next to the refrigerator.  We will have to have an electrician over soon to move that line.  Plus we had to be careful taking out the cabinets because we are selling them.  Have I mentioned that we have been selling everything but kitchen sink on Craig's list to put money into our kitchen fund. . . do you suppose I COULD sell the kitchen sink?  After all I bought my new one on there!



Goodbye ugly red soffit!
(who builds soffits with 2X12 pine boards and plywood?!)
 The new cabinets will be going to the ceiling with crown to finish it off.

Goodbye ugly beige tile!!--with grout that never looks clean!

Look at all that open space.  I can't wait for the white replacements.
Tomorrow we take out the fridge wall!  

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