Sunday, January 25, 2009

My New Favorite Store. . . Craig's List

I have a friend who has nearly furnished her whole house with fabulous finds off  I had looked on occasion and found nothing nearly as great as some of the things she had found. . . .

. . .until now.

Meet my new farmhouse sink:

Shaw's Original Farmhouse sink!

To make the deal sweeter, I spent about a third of the original price!  Happy day!  I wonder what else I can find. . . 

. . . excuse me while I go shopping.


Terri said...

Oh, how exciting! I never find anything on Craigslist either, but I think it depends where you are. I'm in a young city with few antiques or good stuff and the only thing in the heritage here is farm equipment. But I keep looking, mostly at junk.

What a find! You must be delighted! Terri xo

Shannon said...


and the price makes it even more pretty!

4IdahoLopers said...

Jenny...I LOVE farmhouse sinks...I've thought about tearing my sind out and putting one in!! What a fun find!! I love what you are doing to your house. I'm excited to one day come up and see you!!