Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Saga of the Front Porch Rocker. . .

About five years ago I decided I needed rocking chairs on my front porch. It just makes the house feel homey, and gives you somewhere to sit.

It's the All American Dream. . .isn't it? The house, the front porch, the rocker. . .watching the world go by--or at least the neighbor's cat.

So anyway. I had my eye on these simple white rockers at Walmart because they were cheap (all others I had found where $150 or more) and they were cute. Every year I would say to my husband, "We should buy those rockers. They would be really cute on our porch."

He would put me off somehow, convinced that they might actually be tacky. Every year I would suggest we buy them and we'd go through it again. Or we'd say,"They won't fit in the car with all the kids, so we'll get them without the kids." Only we never did.

So this year the rockers show up a little fancier and cost more. And I still want them. So we watch and watch for them to go on sale. And I often remind Rob, "If we would have bought them last year we would have paid less." Summer ends. They never go on sale. They are almost out of them. We break down and buy them. We get home and discover they are missing essential hardware to put them together.

And our daughter looks at them and says, "Why did you get white? If you got black they would have matched the shutters."


Why didn't I think of that? Then Rob sees they have nicer, simpler, better built rockers--in black--at Lowes. So we return the whites ones and after two trips to two Lowes we have two black rockers. AND, I love them.


Simply Stork said...

I need to get me some of those...

beautiful :o)


Vanessa said...

Totally cute on your front porch!