Monday, June 7, 2010

Forward Thinking Sedum

I have always been under the impression that sedum was a lover of heat and dry locations.

They are acclaimed for their drought tolerance. . .

I took that to mean that they would not do well in very wet weather. . .

I live in wet and cloudy Washington.

So when I made these hypertufa pots last year and planted sedum in them I thought they might drown over the winter.

Last month we got 200% of our average rainfall for the month.

Apparently these plants are storing up for the future.

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Steve St. Germain said...

Hi Jenni, awesome site- just wondering if you've ever checked out The Garden Gates because they have a ton of cool home & garden decorations that remind me of your stuff. Its not handmade like your aprons but I've found a ton of stuff I like there.