Monday, June 21, 2010

Sew Much Fun

When school let out I had an uncontrollable urge to be crafty.  This translated in large part into a sewing frenzy which hasn't entirely abated.  I try to take advantage of the urge to sew and whip out as many projects on my to do list as possible before the urge passes, because once it dies down, nothing can induce me to sew, even if I happen to stop mid project.  Ask my daughter, I still have a half sewn apron from the last go round.

Here are few things I have been working on in the last few weeks:


These started a couple years ago when I saw a super cute apron on someone else's blog and thought "I can SOO make that."  So I did, then I made a dozen more!  I gave them to my family and friends and kids and a lot of them to the graduating senior girls from church--sort of a "Congratulations on graduating and growing up--good luck cooking for yourself.  But hey, look cute while you do it!"

Plus they are reversible.

Here are a few I have made:

Head Bands

I first made a couple of these for a friend of Hannah's for her birthday.  Along with a fun rosette necklace that I have yet to make more of.

These are pretty easy and super cute.

 The flower is actually made of satin ribbon and is a pin, so it can be removed and pinned other places--like on a sweater. . .OR a . . .


I decided that in my old age carrying a purse is quite handy.  It holds LOTS of stuff.

I like being able have lots of stuff and still have my hands free.  But mostly, I like being able to take my camera (and an extra lens or two) with me without looking like a tourist.

So I whipped up this little number one day and I LOVE it.  I even gave it a magnet snap and interior pockets.  I may make another. . .

This next one was really out of necessity, though I have been wanting to make one for while.  Every Sunday when my kids drag out their coloring books and crayons in church and the inevitable CRASH of the spilled crayon bin makes me cringe I think, "I really should make that. . . ."

Crayon Roll

It is super easy and so neat and quiet in the car and at church and anywhere we go.  Plus it tucks into my purse or church bag real slick.  Plus I made one for each girl so no fighting!

I still have loads of things to sew on my list.  Like the chair covers I started last October! I got ONE done.

Unfortunately, this chair has seven siblings I must cover.

But it sure is cute with the pillow I bought off Etsy:

Add to that a bench cushion for a friend, a skirt for my daughter, some curtains for my daughter, and a new cover for a foot stool for my other daughter. . .  the list goes on.  I hope the urge to sew lasts as long as the list--I have a feeling it won't, particularly since the list keeps growing!

I shouldn't ask (for the sake of keeping my list short), but :

What have you sewn lately? Or at least, what have you wanted to sew lately?


Shannon said...

hmmm...I haven't sewn anything...have you? maybe a bench pad? LOL

Kimberly said...

Seriously, you are my hero. With all you do how do you find the time to sew all this cute stuff?! I still have the fabric from 2 summers ago to make the wetbags for the beach. Maybe by the end of summer I'll get to those so we have them some time this season.