Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Fruits of My Labor

I am a firm believer in working for one's rewards.  Fruit does taste better after you have worked and weeded, watered and sweat over the plants that produce them.  Nothing is sweeter than waking up on a cool summer morning, strolling out the garden and picking breakfast.  The only thing that beat me to the berries this morning was a bunny--trying to snatch a few blueberries from under the netting.  He quickly fled upon my arrival.

This is not the first year I have grown strawberries, but it is the first year I have gotten more than an handful of little berries for my efforts. But this year my efforts are indeed being rewarded.  I may have had to build raised beds to contain them, transplant them and weed them--and most importantly, construct a protective net covering for them to keep out the birds, bunnies, and deer--but it is all paying off.

Added to a little Greek style yogurt with a handful of granola, the fruits of my labor are indeed very sweet!

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