Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Take Two

It seems this little home and garden blog has been a bit hijacked by my House of White blog.  And now this space is getting lonely while all my projects get their moment of glory over there.  But with spring finally starting to make an appearance around here, I have yard and garden projects that will be getting their reveal right here.  And if all goes according to plan, in another month or so, construction on my new shop/garden shed will commence (I can't wait!).  

PLUS, in case the last reno wasn't enough, we have closed on another rental property.  This one is super cute with lots of potential, though we probably won't do as much work on it as the last one.  I have a few ideas though, so we shall see.  Here she is:

She needs a little help in the paint department.  It isn't in bad shape, but I'm not digging the color combo--at least not the darker blue trim.

Let's step into the large airy living room. . .

The green tile will be removed, or at least covered with some molding.  I am loving all those windows!

Under all the carpet are hardwoods--this bedroom floor is painted blue instead of carpeted, and though I would love to rip all the carpet out and refinish the floors, or even paint all of them, we will likely just carpet it all up.  

The bathroom is large and bright, though the pink will go--and perhaps some white tile and bead board will make an appearance.  

The kitchen doesn't need as much work as the last one, and the yellow paint make it so cheerful.  

I love all the charm this place has, even down to the glass door knobs. 

I also love the flowering plum trees and camellia bush in the front yard.   And the park at the end of the street. 

Over the next month we will whip this little lady in to shape and show you what we can make of her.  

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Shannon said...

you guys are busy busy!! Can't wait to see it all done