Monday, May 2, 2011

On the Road to Better

It is often said that things get worse before they get better. . . I think that applies to the progress at the rental.  Of course, things actually are better, but you can't really see that.  The whole house has new electrical and some leaks and drywall issues and the basement have all been improved upon.  But the random passerby might not appreciate how far this house has come in the last three weeks.  They might think the new owners are crazy.  They might be right!

During (we got a little farther than this on the paint)


During (after tile, before refinishing)

Helper #1

Helper #2

Of course, we are not nearly done yet.  Things will indeed look better soon.  Just as soon as the paint scheme comes together, among other things--like new carpet and light fixtures.

But no one can argue that the yard has improved.  Too bad I didn't take a before and after of the back yard.  It was pushing three feet in spots!  Of course, that is an after that will have to happen every week.

To be continued. . .

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