Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shadel House: Master Bedroom & Sunroom

I have to say, I love how the kitchen turned out, and I love the upstairs bathroom (which we created out of a closet), but I love, love, LOVE the sunroom.  I love sunrooms in general.   They get sun.  I don't really get sun in my house.  Plus, this sunroom has a view of the river (which I didn't take a picture of!). AND it's right off the master bedroom.  So it's really a win win win!

You enter the master off the living room through a french door.

Master Entrance BEFORE:

Entry Before

Master Entrance AFTER:


I probably shouldn't show this close up. . .some of the brown paint on the glass was a bugger to get off, not to menion the less than superb cleaning job done on that glass! 

Master - Looking back at the door BEFORE:

Master Before

Master: Looking back at the door AFTER:



Master - looking back at the door and toward the sunroom BEFORE:

Master Before

I didn't take an after picture of the last angle, so here is a picture of the opposite wall with a hint of sunroom to the left there AFTER:


Looking into sunroom BEFORE:

Sunroom Before

Looking into the sunroom AFTER:


Sunroom BEFORE:

Sunroom Before

Sunroom AFTER:



There was originally a door off the front porch that entered the sunroom.  We took it out and created a closet there since the master closet was quite small. . .at least that was our intent.  Before we added the rod and shelf inside our new renter asked us not to because she wants to put a bookshelf in that space and create a reading nook in the sunroom.

Sunroom Before



Sunroom, other side AFTER:



Doesn't it just make you want to get a good book and curl up in all that glorious sunshine?! Lucky girl. . .

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