Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For the Love of Flowers . . .

When I was first married my husband spoiled me with exotic flower arrangements from a great little flower shop in Salt Lake City. This lasted maybe two years, until the sheen of honeymoon bliss was over and we really got to know each other. Then the flowers ceased, never to return. I know my husband adores me, but he jokingly says, "I already won you, why should I buy you flowers? They just die anyway." Just so you understand, he has many other ways of showing his affection. For example, I have not put gas in a car for eleven years (and I haven't lived in a state that pumps the gas for you!) If you ask how much gas I have, I cannot tell you. Why would I ever look when Rob so valiantly keeps me filled? Not very romantic, I know.
Anyway, I love fresh flowers in the house and often would say to him, someday I am going to have fresh flowers in my house at all times. Fresh at least once a week!

Well, since Easter I have managed to keep fresh flowers in my house continually. I feel so decadent. The sight of them just makes me smile. I love a simple flower arrangement and most of them I have done, either from my yard or I picked up some random flowers at the grocery store and put them together. Here are few of my arrangements. . . . .(I make no claim to being particularly talented) Clearly I am partial to white.

Technically Signe picked the daisies on the side of the road, but they look cute in the little creamer.
I have enough space in my yard that one of my new goals is to have flowers blooming from early spring to late fall and if I can, winter. Enough flowers that I can cut them and bring them inside. My peonies are just starting to pop open and I will definitely be cutting some of those and bringing them in. I LOVE peonies--especially the white ones. Do you have a favorite?