Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Progress

I have always been a project-aholic. Not so much because I love the process (sometimes I hate the process) but because I love the result and the right to say, "We did that ourselves." But Saturday was such a beautiful day, and the weather was perfect - in the seventies. The air had a slightly humid softness to it that makes me cheery. I actually enjoyed working on the tree house. The girls kept coming out every half hour or so to see if we had made any discernible progress and Signe passed the time on one of her favorite spots - the swing. Signe has had a love of swings since she was about two. She spent hours on our neighbor's swing, sometimes just sitting there staring at the yard, not swinging. (I find this amusing because as a baby she HATED the baby swing).
This outfit was cuter before the Italian Ice got to it.

Anyway, here are pictures of our progress so far . . .

This last one is a view from the platform toward the house. We would have finished the decking, but we ran out of wood.

We had friends over for a BBQ last night and his first comment was, "I love how you made is out of sight from your house but quite visible to the neighbors!" Honestly, that was not my intent, but the spot was crying out for a playhouse/fort of some kind. Unfortunately, this is how it will sit for the rest of the week. I will post more progress next weekend.

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Vanessa said...

We don't mind the view one bit!