Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Impressions

We have a lot of visitors headed our way in the near future. So over the weekend Rob got a bee in his bonnet. The entryway. It needed flipped.

Just to remind you what it looked like before we did the floors last January here is a really before picture. . .

Since then, the rails have remained the orange-ish oak color. . .which I didn't get a good combination picture of, unfortunately. (I always think of these things halfway into the project.)

But here is the entryway today:

Along with the new floors, we put in new baseboards and trim around the doorway into the family room. This weekend we painted the rails black and hung picture frames up the wall.

We first made a trip to good ol' Walmart and loaded up on random frames--and Rob didn't say a word about how many I threw in there. He had suggested we hang three frames up the stairway wall. . .I had other ideas. When I got home with my loot I laid it out on the floor to show him what I had in mind. He had been skeptical, assuring me he was keeping the receipt. But this made him start rethinking his lack of confidence. . .

But of course we had to get it on the wall. I must say this was the most flawless wall hanging experience I have ever had--which is crazy since there are 14 frames--on an angle. But I measured and measured on the floor before we started nailing. This isn't a great picture, but you get the idea. Then I had to find things to put in my empty frames.

And since I take bazillions of pictures the hardest part was finding the right ones. But when you send them to Costco and only pay 20ish bucks for the lot of them, I'm no too worried. I can change them at any time. . .

I think it looks great. And the best part? Rob admitting I was right!

And now look at the view from my office. I get to enjoy our hard work all day long while I remain glued to my office chair. . . doing loads of homework. . . which I must now get back to.

Have you done any fun weekend projects lately?


Vanessa said...

WOW! You guys continue to amaze me! Can't wait to see it in person.

gemini said...

congrats to the home makeover. visiting here.