Friday, May 9, 2008

Things I do, continued . . . .

That last post was getting a little long. Next let's look at. . .
Paper Projects:

I guess this counts as paper projects. It was an invitation to Hannah's 7th birthday party. We were going bowling and the box had a little poem in the lid about bowling and wearing the socks that came in the box. It was the most effort I made for the entire party because we went to a bowling alley with an arcade and diner. We paid for a party package and for the price they included a cake, party bags, balloons, hats, pizza and soda, two games of bowling and tokens for the arcade! After years of party planning, I should have thought of this sooner!

As Personal Progress Leader in my ward, I made these Purses to give the girls on their 12, 14, & 16 birthdays filled with fun stuff that went with each advancement. They are made out of scrapbook paper with Velcro dot closers and a ribbon handle.


Every year I do a family calender in photoshop for my husband's extended family. I guess this is kind of graphic design, but it is printed on paper! Here is last year's cover and our month:

Below the pic above would be the month part with everyone's birthday and anniversary listed on the appropriate date. Also, on the back I included addresses, phone numbers, email and web pages. On the inside cover every year I include a quote about family. This year the quote was:

If the family were a fruit,
it would be an orange,a circle of sections,
held together but separable -
each segment distinct.

~Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Rob's Grandma paid for the designing and printing of the family calendar. I have been making it for the past 9 or 10 years, but Rob's cousin did it for years before that. His Grandma died this year just after her 90th birthday. It was sad to loose her, but her children had thrown her a 90th birthday party and nearly everyone got to see her in good health before she died. They had all the family calendars displayed at her funeral. It was really neat. They family likes the calendar so well, they have decided to pitch in and pay for it to continue. So I will be making the calendar indefinitely!
Next we have. . . . .
I love decorating my house. My husband does not like me spending loads of money. So, my house is always a work in progress and I am always looking for cheap ways to get what I want. I am currently getting bids to remodel my kitchen. I have had three bids and am expecting another one today. Wish me luck! In the meantime, here are a few rooms in my current and previous house that are mostly done:

This is the living room in my last house. Notice it has curtains (which I made) and everything. It was DONE. We even added those french doors ourselves--we are not fans of the OPEN floor plan. I need a little separation. And next is the same set up in our new house--not quite so done, or so artfully photographed . . . .

Next is our bedroom. This is in the old house, but it looks basically the same here. We even painted the room the same color. (Coincidentally, the paint in our new living room was already that color! It matches the old living room so well you would have thought we had painted, but-no.)
This next picture is the toilet room. It may be small, but not forgotten! Actually, I am embarrassed to admit that when we first bought the house years and years ago, I tried crackle painting the walls and they were irreparably damaged. I had to cover them in wallpaper for years, then I got sick of the paper, so I did a raised plaster stencil to camouflage the damage and painted it blue to match the bedroom.
And next is the girls' playroom in the old house. It was a pink paradise. . . . .

There are paper snow flakes hanging from the ceiling. Every Christmas we make snowflakes and hang them up for fun. And here is a view from the walk in closet back at the room. . . .

Incidentally, we made that yellow Barbie House too. It is a beast. But I always wanted one when I was a girl, so when my eight year old was three, "Santa" made it for her. It has real oak plank floors and a tiled floor kitchen, and spans three stories with storage drawers underneath. It also has a great front porch and upper storey porch you can't see from this angle. It is rather worse for wear these days and could use a good flip!

Our new/old house has loads of potential and charm, and sits on 2/3rds of an acre--with trees! We haven't done much beyond painting and changing the door knobs and some of the lighting. We also changed the exterior lighting and house numbers and have painted half the shutters from green to black. I have ordered my new front door and will soon have my new kitchen bid. All my new stainless steel Kitchenaid Architect Series appliances are ALREADY in my garage. . .just waiting. Beyond that I have spent hours and hours in my yard trying to wrangle control over my landscaping with little noticeable success to date, but I am hopeful. I will keep you posted on the progress and on what inspires me.

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