Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Install Day One

Here are the pictures for the day.  The installers will be back bright and early to finish up.  And the counter top fabricator will be here shortly after.  And the HVAC guy will come somewhere in between.  It is a regular zoo around here.   

This morning the excavating guy showed up right before the cabinet installers at 7:30 (We had a grade issue on our side yard that was causing water to pool under our house) and between his dump truck, regular truck and trailer with bobcat plus the cabinet people's two vans, truck and trailer and car we had a regular traffic jam.  Hannah was worried the bus wouldn't get through.  It almost didn't!  Luckily we had alerted the neighbors about their pending arrival so everything went smoothly.

See you tomorrow. . .same time, same place!


specialtconstruction said...

sooosooo pretty! definitely can't wait to see them. it's looking fabulous! jealous of your PERFECT toekicks!

specialtconstruction said...

ha ha I'm signed in as todd

Lee Ann said...

Oh my goodness it's looking sooo good! And yes, your toekicks are perfect. May I ask who's doing your cabinets?