Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ode to Soapstone

Oh inky soapstone, how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways:
I love the depth and richness of thy color. . .
and the wispy veins that flow upon thee.  
I love thy texture and thy shape,
thy silky smoothness and thy soapy talciness.
I love they way you set off my cabinets and make my appliances shimmer.
I love thee with smiles and tears, with sighs and long glances.
I shall love thee here. . .and I shall love thee elsewhere--
should we ever move and have to install thee all over again.

And I love that my cabinets will be all in by the end of the day. Yeah!


Jennifer P. said...

I've heard mixed review about the durability and stain-resistance of Soapstone, but I agree--there's just no substitue for it's perfect matte black color and texture! Your kitchen is just how I thought it would look---gorgeous!!!

Jenni said...

Actually, soapstone is very durable. That is why they use it in science labs--its stain resistant properties. A lot of stone place sell other kinds of stone they call soapstone that are actually types of Shist or granite or other stone that do tend to stain and have issues that actual soapstone doesn't have. You can, however, scratch it. You can also buff it out. But I am okay with that. It shouldn't stain though.

Lee Ann said...

Oh...I love the as well! It looks awesome!