Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome Spring!

So this time of year I start getting spring fever.  I want to be outside--with my hands in the dirt.  I start looking up plants and planning beds and thinking of making hypertufa pots.  But what I am really excited about this year is my garden. And since my kitchen is on hold mode until Wednesday (since last Saturday)  I decided to get a jump start.

Last year was the first year in this house and so the first year I had space for more than a couple tomato plants and maybe a pepper plant or two.  But since I had ripped out my rotten raised beds I merely had a dirt patch for a garden.  I threw in some tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins and a few herbs and called it good. 

But THIS year, I have big plans.  I am getting ready to build several raised beds in my side yard for lots of lovely gardening.  I have drawn diagrams and made lists. . . and over the weekend I purchased SEEDS.  I am going to attempt to grow a garden from scratch.  I figure if they all die I can run out last minute and buy plants at the nursery and try again.  But since seeds are cheap I splurged and bought like 17 different kinds of seeds.  Then I purchased some of those little peat pots for starting seeds.

I filled the peat pellets with water and watched them swell--in equal increments with my excitement--then I pushed tiny little seeds down in the musty soil and stuck in my make-shift labels. . .

Then I covered them up to keep them moist and wait for the day when they will pop their tiny heads up out of the dirt.  I can't wait.  Just the sight of the water condensing on the domed lid makes me giddy. . .

And now that they are on their way to becoming little plants that will some day soon need a home, I have further incentive to get out there and build my garden.  Wish me luck!

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Shalice said...

You go....plant your garden!

I am LOVING your cabinets! I especially love the flat/inlay...gorgeous. It makes me want to rip out my kitchen cabinets!