Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the 13th Day of Christmas. . .

. . .we caught up our advent story chain.

The girls and I made a simple advent chain on the first day of Christmas.  Then on sixth day of Christmas we attended our church's Christmas breakfast and craft activity where the girls made these really cute advent chains that had questions about the story of Christ's birth with scripture references in Matthew and Luke where we could find the answers.  We didn't start it before we went to Disneyland, so we caught up the on the two weeks we had missed.  The girls enjoyed finding the answers in the scriptures to see if they got them right.  

Each ring has a question like:

How was the baby Jesus dressed? ( Luke 2:12)

What king ruled Judea when Jesus was born? (Matt. 2:1)

I really liked this way of telling the story of Jesus.  It kept the girls attention and made it fun.   And after a week of commercialized Christmas is was good to remember what we are really celebrating.  Now that we are caught up, we can continue to answer to questions until Christmas.

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Kimberly said...

Another great idea! Do you know if they made up the questions or got it from somewhere?