Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On the 24th Day of Christmas. . .

. . . we worked a little magic.

We signed up to be bell ringers for the Salvation Army.  I have to say that despite all the Christmas activities we had been doing it was not really feeling like Christmas was just around the corner.  Standing there in front of Freddies with the girls, wishing everyone Merry Christmas and seeing all the smiles and well wishes we got, not to mention the generosity of strangers, really made it feel like Christmas.  I had no idea that people were so generous.  It made me feel a little cheap to see so many people putting $20 or $10, even $5 at a time.  I would say at least half the people that passed threw money in that little red pot.  

I am sure that having two adorable helpers didn't hurt.  But it made me feel the Christmas spirit.  The Christlike spirit that the season is really all about.  I have to admit, when we signed up to do this, the weather was in the fifties (two weeks ago) and I had no idea we would be getting a snow storm like nothing this city has seen in the last thirty years.  But despite cold toes, it was worth it.  I grumbled on the way there, but I am glad we didn't cancel, or go home early like we thought we  might.  My nine year old wanted to stay longer.  

I think we may be back next year, ringing that little bell and bringing in a little Christmas cheer and charity.

I hope you have enjoyed this little series, and seeing what we do for our 25 days of Christmas.  To see more of what we do each and every Christmas Eve as a family, visit my regular blog.  I will post about it tomorrow.  


Kimberly said...

That is a great idea. I want to incorporate some service ideas into our celebration next year.

Shannon said...

those cute could people resist!

Tabitha Blue said...

Gorgeous girls and great photos!!! What an awesome way to share in the giving of Christmas!!


maicher said...

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