Saturday, December 6, 2008

On the Sixth Day of Christmas. . .

. . . we doubled our fun.  

We started the day with a church Christmas breakfast and craft activity.  The girls had a great time making ornaments and count down chains and count down candles.  

And they helped tie a quilt they had made blocks for in primary.

Plus I put together and passed out Advent books.  They had a story a day all December with songs and scriptures that went with them.

In the evening we went to the annual Festival of the Nativities.  They have hundreds of nativity sets on display.  A large portion were sets from other countries.  dozens of different cultures were represented.  To make it fun you get a list of things to find in the nativities, like the nativity in a gold globe, or a tear, or Jesus in a swing.  We only found about half the things on the list before the girls were ready to move on.  

Here is a set from Alaksa.

They had musical numbers in the chapel, and harp players on the stage, as well as a live nativity.  We sat in on an a capella group that was really good.  

Then we were off to the children's rooms.  They had a dress up area where you could be Mary or Joseph or any number of other characters.  Once you were dressed you could pose and take pictures in a stable.  The girls looked so cute.

And finally we were off to Joseph's workshop were the girls watched a man whittle wood figures and they got to make paper manger scenes. 
It was an action packed day filled with fun and creativity. And now we are all going to bed early. Yay! 

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