Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On the Second Day of Christmas. . .

. . .we got our tree.  And decorated our house.

The great thing about living in the Northwest, is the over abundance of Christmas tree farms. There is a large one near us that is quaint and festive. It sports a gift shop in an old barn, a petting zoo with barnyard animals, free hot chocolate, wreaths, and a hay bale ride--not to mentions rows and rows and rows of trees.  There is even a cute little farm house at the front.

The girls thought the tree cart was cool and raced it in the lanes between the trees.

The scenery was particularly lovely with a dramatic sky for a backdrop--luckily no rain!

Here it is.  Our tree.

It takes two to cut one down.  One must hold and one must cut.  Oh, and one must take the picture.

I even bought a wreath to put on my front door.

And of course, we had some of the free hot chocolate.  Mmmm.

Then we came home and made our home lovely for Christmas.

What did you do?
Don't forget to check out my photography blog and see if you can guess what my up close and personal pic of the day is of.

Movie of the night:  Polar Express

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Shannon said...

it's looking festive!!!